Monday, April 14, 2008

Been MIA for a while...

So this morning is Monday and we are all getting ready for our day and Lil Noah comes in to tell us that he ate a money...really money? He says yeah and tries to explain the whole thing. Well I layed out all the different coins and asked him which one he ate. He picked the penny. Great now do we have to go to the Drs. for a penny will this pass on his own. Ugh! Luckily it should pass on its own and I do not have to check his poop!!!

Kate went back to school from spring break. She was really excited to go. I was a little sad we had such a fun week. Only (I think) 6 weeks left of school and we are out for the summer. I need to figure out camps for the kids to keep them busy.

I also joined WW this past weekend. I really want to loose 40-45 lbs. I am thinking about 15 lbs per kid. That should do it. So far so good, but it is the beginning! :)