Tuesday, December 1, 2009

American Girl Doll Day!

Kate was so super excited when I picked her up from school. We headed to NP Mall (forgot how much I love this mall) and I think Kate had it in her head she would get Julie (1974 era). She always talked about the bitty twins, but didn't really think that was an option. We got there and walked the whole store. OMGosh love love the hair salon. Finally time to select the dolls....I noticed that the bitty twins are the same price as a big doll. So I tell Kate she can get the twins if she wants...well that was it for her she wanted boy/girl blonde twins (names--Holly and Charlie). We got them each an outfit. She was beaming! Maggie could really care less. I think she is just to little still. But with that said we picked Kit for her. I figured she didn't really care and I love Kit!!! HA!! Then we had dinner at the bistro. Absolutely best waitress ever!!!! Nancy!! The girls got to eat with their babies-- so so cute. They even have a chair that attaches to the table and the dolls get muffins to pretend eat. Ha so cute. Funny thing when you go to the bathroom they have a place for the doll! It cracked Kate and I up!!! Ok sorry so long just really was a great day!!!! Can't wait to go back! Thanks Fairy Godaunts for a fabulous day!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Omgosh who would have thought? Noah loves loves baseball. He wakes up in the middle of the night thinking it is time to play ball. This season has been hard as we have had so much rain!!! I hear fall ball is much more laid back than spring ball. I am glad we started in the fall...Noah has no clue what is going on...It is fun to watch all the new ball players!

Noah is also a southpaw for right now. He is batting lefty????

Monday, June 22, 2009

Disney 2009

I have so much to learn still. It was a great week at Disney. This was our first time as a family to go. This was not only the kids first time, but it was also Noah's first time. I was so happy he really enjoyed himself there.

Day 1 We started with the first park which was Hollywood Studios. It was the last day for the Star Wars attraction. Lil Noah was so so so excited to see the men standing on top of the entrance way when we first arrived. He brought his storm trooper mask and wore it quite a bit. He was able to meet Darth Vadar (after standing in line for a 1 1/2).

Day 2 we went to Animal Kingdom. I love this park. It has a lot of shade so it was nice in the heat of the summer. Noah and I rode the scariest rollercoaster in my opinion. Everest. I loved it and it freaked me out. Almost all of the ride is in the dark. I loved the safari ride as well.

Day 3 we took a day off from the parks to enjoy the pool. The kids have really learned how to swim even Maggie in her floaty. She cruised all over the pool. Aunt V. really taught Kate and Noah the basics (boy am I lucky).

Day 4 we arrived at Magic Kingdom...it brought me to my childhood. I remember it so clearly and really not much has changed since the 70s. So Lil Noah loved the monarail (I think that was his favorite ride. He could have ridden it the entire day! Kate went on Splash Mountain and really enjoyed that. Maggie was such a trooper and never complained a bit. All the kids were great standing in the lines. It was hot, but we managed to pack a lot of water and fresh fruit. Gotta love apples with oranges mixed together. What an amazing treat. Every day we brought our lunch and the kids used their lunch money to buy icecream it was a great way to reward them for all their great behavior.

Day 5 we went to Epcot a little later in the day as we really wanted to indulge in the food and drinks. Well we had terential down pours so it was a bit crazy. Managed to get ponchos to stay dry and really I think this was one of mine and the kids favorite parks.

Day 6 back to the Magic Kingdom. It was hot and the kids were pretty done. We stayed for a good while and headed back to the condo and the kids went to the pool. Noah and I went back to Magic Kingdom and we really enjoyed ourselves. I know understand why so many adults go when they don't have kids. It truly is a place for anyone.

Day 7 we left around noon. The kids got their last bit of swimming and really were ready to be home. I could have stayed another week, but the kids were done!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

April was full of visitors!

Our April started off with the kids Great fabulous Aunts visiting. Aunt Virgina and Aunt Maryann came to visit for a week. They arrived the week before Easter. The kids had a ball! Lots of shopping and playing and decorating eggs!

Than we had Aunt Niki and Cousin Curt for a long weekend. We had a great time. Went to the park and to The Chattahoochee nature center to celebrate Earth Day.

Avoid Idling when Lil Curt is around!

We than had a great visit from Moppy (Noah's Mom). She came to celebrate Grandparent's Day with Kate at school (when I see some pictures from Grandparents day I will post some). The kids had a great time hanging out with their grandma.