Friday, January 30, 2009

It has been a while.

So much has happened. We had a great visit with Aunt Niki and cousin Curt (what a cutie) before the Holidays. Kate turned 7 and Mags turned 2. They both received American girl dolls and many accessories to go with them. We had a wonderful Christmas. Santa brought a swing set!! It is wonderful and it only took two weeks to put together thanks to the rain! Noah did a great job! The kids love it and call it the playground. We spent New Years with some new friends the Wade Family. It was great to be part of thier tradition.

Kids went back to school and Maggie started going two days also because I GOT A JOB! I wasn't looking for a job, but thankfully we are a perfect fit. I started last week(January 24) and it has been very overwhelming. I will be a research analyst. I will be working from home part-time and from the office. It is an ideal situation.
Noah goes in for his testing with St. Joe's next week (Feb. 2). I hope it goes well and he is at the same school as his big sis, Kate. We have really enjoyed being part of St. Joseph's family. Noah will also be testing for his orange belt at the end of the month.