Tuesday, December 1, 2009

American Girl Doll Day!

Kate was so super excited when I picked her up from school. We headed to NP Mall (forgot how much I love this mall) and I think Kate had it in her head she would get Julie (1974 era). She always talked about the bitty twins, but didn't really think that was an option. We got there and walked the whole store. OMGosh love love the hair salon. Finally time to select the dolls....I noticed that the bitty twins are the same price as a big doll. So I tell Kate she can get the twins if she wants...well that was it for her she wanted boy/girl blonde twins (names--Holly and Charlie). We got them each an outfit. She was beaming! Maggie could really care less. I think she is just to little still. But with that said we picked Kit for her. I figured she didn't really care and I love Kit!!! HA!! Then we had dinner at the bistro. Absolutely best waitress ever!!!! Nancy!! The girls got to eat with their babies-- so so cute. They even have a chair that attaches to the table and the dolls get muffins to pretend eat. Ha so cute. Funny thing when you go to the bathroom they have a place for the doll! It cracked Kate and I up!!! Ok sorry so long just really was a great day!!!! Can't wait to go back! Thanks Fairy Godaunts for a fabulous day!

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