Monday, September 19, 2011

I can't believe I let this go for the past two years!

So needless to say we have been pretty busy the last two years! I am back! I am ready to start blogging again! In the last two years....Maggie is almost 5 and Kate is almost 10! Noah is a strong 7 year old! Kate is in the 4th grade. Noah is in the 2nd grade. We switched schools last year and it was a great decision. It was a very hard decision, but the right one to make. Maggie starts Kindergarten next year! Can't believe they will all be in the same school for one year only! We lost our very loved chocolate lab last March. Teak was such a great dog. He is very missed. We buried him in the back yard and planted a peach tree over him.

New addition. BELLE! She is a black lab/golden retriever mix. She looks like a black golden retriever. She is so loving and such a pleaser! She loves to go to the river and loves to play with her BF Lucky the chocolate lab that lives next door.

Kate is in her 7th year of ballet and her third year of company at the ballet studio. This year she will be a mother ginger in the Nutcracker. Kate also loves art. She took a great painting workshop and really loved it.

Noah is a purple belt in Karate. He was the youngest in the school to become a purple belt. Noah is also doing baseball and has really started to love playing. Noah has his first Naga competition in October.

Maggie is in her 2nd year of dance. She loves it and spins and twirls all the time. She is in pre-K and loves school. I can't believe she will be in Kindergarten next year!

Noah and I have been busy with our BBQ catering company.

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